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My Pet Peeves? Misspellings and Typos in Public Displays May 9, 2010

Posted by Dave Gardner in Editing, Editor, Editorial Services, Writing and Editing.
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Typo as big as a barn - Aspapagus

Typo as big as a barn - Aspapagus

Banner-sized typo - Liouidation Sale
Banner-sized typo – Liouidation Sale

As I go about my daily chores and running around (and when I go see my various clients for on-site meetings), I sometimes see bloopers as big as a barn. It’s one of the reasons why I keep a disposable camera in my car – or, sometimes, I’ll have my regular camera with me. In a pinch, I’ll use the camera on my cell phone if I don’t plan on being back to get a picture. I’ll post some of them here as well as on my other blogs and websites.