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Partial Portfolio

During my career, I’ve worked on too many documents to mention–and for some of them, I can’t really talk about them anyway.

I’ll post some links here to some of my more “publicly available” documents in case you are curious about what I’ve been working on over the last bunch of years.

Wait Marketing: Is It the Right Moment? by Prof Diana Derval


Since 2007, I have been providing editorial services to Prof. Diana Derval and DervalResearch of Amsterdam, Netherlands, for her journal articles and books (and other documents).

Cisco IOS Dial Services Quick Configuration Guide
(Cisco IOS Release 12.1)


As a staff technical writer for the Small Provider Line of  Business (SPLOB),  I coordinated with a team consisting of another CCNA writer, an editor, a Subject Matter Expert (SME-CCIE), and two managers to produce this Quick Configuration Guide for the 12.1 Release. The document is provided primarily as an online assistance and education aid for those wanting to quickly set up a basic network with three types of Cisco products. A hard-copy document was also available. To see what the hard copy document looks like, click on each section header on the left side of the screen, then click on the PDF icon at the top right corner. 

This document (hard-copy) won an award of Achievement from the Northern California Society for Technical Communication Technical Publications Competition.

Cisco Virtual Security Gateway for Nexus 1000V Series Switch Configuration Guide, Release 4.2(1)VSG1(1)


Cisco Virtual Security Gateway, Rel. 4.2(1)VSG1(3.1) and Cisco Virtual Network Management Center, Rel. 1.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide


These are additional Cisco documents I worked on in 2010 through 2011. They included a combined installation guide, a system administrators guide, a troubleshooting guide, a quick-reference guide, and a command reference.

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