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Being a Virtual Assistant (or Virtual Consultant) May 20, 2010

Posted by Dave Gardner in Editing, Editor, Editorial Services, Uncategorized, Writing and Editing.
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Pencil and Manual Typewriter

Pencil and Manual Typewriter - How Writers Used to Do Their Work

It’s fascinating how the Internet has changed our world and how we work. As an editor and writer, I’ve seen my career and how it works change most dramatically. Because while I once would write articles on a manual Olivetti typewriter and then mail the hard-copy articles with some glossy photographs or transparencies to magazines and newspapers so they could be published, now I keyboard the articles on my computer, upload some digital photos, and the articles appear in print (or right here in the virtual world)!

I provide editorial (and writing) services through my connections through the Internet. My clients find me through various means on the Internet. I do the work they require right here (on my computer), and then I send the completed work back to my clients. They pay by PayPal (or other arrangement). This is the new trend in working. More and more folks are working virtually–through their computers. I work mostly as a “Virtual Consultant” (VC) (an Editorial Consultant)–if required, I could also work as a Virtual Assistant (VA). To learn more about how to be a Virtual Consultant or Virtual Assistant, check out the following Banner Link:

Virtual Assistant Training Center