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Just starting with this application… bear with me… May 8, 2010

Posted by Dave Gardner in Editing, Editor, Editorial Services, Writing and Editing.
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Have been blogging for a little while, but have never tried the WordPress version (started with Blogger a bunch of years ago). Will give this one a try to see what it can do!

Me? I’m a professional writer/editor – have been working in the technical and scientific documentation field for the past 28 years. I’ve also been a newspaper and magazine freelance and staff writer/photographer, an English grammar and composition teacher, and a science teacher.

I like playing with language and languages–have studied Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Have also learned a few phrases in Tagalog, Kampampangan, Chamoru, Palauan, Arabic, and Korean. This experience with fooling around with languages helps me with my editing and helping folks with improving their writing.

This will probably be the main focus of this blog. I hope you enjoy it.


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